Timber Lake Lodge
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About us ...

Timber Lake Lodge is settled in a cattle milking & birthing barn that was formerly part of Windy Hill Farms.  We re-purposed the building using antiques and memorabilia from the region as well as Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, Erie, Baltimore, Louisiana and other places and have transformed Timber Lake Lodge into a world-class restaurant / nightclub / banquet & conference center.

We made attempts to save parts and pieces from history whenever possible.  The entry doors are from the offices of US Steel in Pittsburgh.  In the foyer is a metal leaf sculpture that came from the Stardust Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.  A wooden silo from Gilby's in Titusville, has been turned into a ticket booth and coat room.  The entrance to the restaurant is the original entry door from the Colonel Drake Hotel (Titusville) which was the last of the Grand Seven hotels remaining from the region's oil boom days.

Within the restaurant you can dine in quiet privacy in specially decorated rooms that were, originally, cattle birthing stalls.  Within each of the private rooms you will find historical items such as the ride-on butter churn in the Gettysburg-themed Codori Farm Room or antique photographs of people who once resided in the area.  We have created a mini-museum for your enjoyment while you dine on scrumptious food.

The nightclub area of the facility is really a nod to the Stardust Hotel & Casino from the carpeting, the huge disco ball, the brass & glass surrounding the dance floor to the gold and blue neon, you will feel the spirit of the Stardust.

Below is a pictorial history of the transformation from barn to beauty.